Lesson 3: How is this course structured?

There are eight chapters in this course:

  • This introductory chapter
  • Five dashboard we build from start to finish:
    • Dashboard 1: Static Sales dashboard
    • Dashboard 2: Interactive dashboard example
    • Dashboard 3: Updating the Static Sales dashboard to be dynamic
    • Dashboard 4: Real Estate dashboard using Google Forms
    • Dashboard 5: Digital Marketing dashboard
  • Advanced extras for the web dashboard: web scraping & apps script
  • Google Data Studio

The early dashboards are simpler and the screencasts are comprehensive enough that even those who are new to Google Sheets should be able to follow along.

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**** If you have trouble opening the templates, it may be because your G Suite domain has restricted access to non-whitelisted domains. You may need to ask your G Suite domain manager to whitelist benlcollins.com. In the meantime, you can also open the link in an incognito browser to see the file. ****