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📌 100% online and self-paced video courses to advance your Google Sheets and Apps Script skills.

📌 Learn how to work with data in Google Sheets effectively, to save yourself time and get clear insights into your own work.

📌 Bite-size, action-oriented, 5 - 10 minute-long video lessons that you can apply immediately in your own work. 

📌 Work with real-world datasets, including examples from industries like sales, marketing, real estate, and social media. All courses include templates, which you can copy as many times as you want.

What previous students say:

🟢 This is as close as you can come to having Ben there holding your hand and teaching you the ins and outs of the QUERY function personally. Ben's teaching style is very effective for visual learners and hands-on learners. - Kathy Westbrook

🟢 All the power without the confusion! Ben explains things so well & gives tons of step-by-step examples so you can follow his thinking & learn fast. Highly recommended! - Mike Rhodes

🟢 Incredibly informative and digestible. Easy to reference and return to. - Roderick Hunt

🟢 If you want to take Sheets query to the next level, take this course! It's an in-depth look with Ben's special twists. I always learn something new or a new way to think. - Scotty Krabler

🟢 Thorough. Appropriately constructed and planned. It builds off of itself in a way that isn’t too overwhelming for a beginner. When Ben includes new elements that aren’t the main focus of the lesson he doesn’t get distracted by overly explaining them, but he shares just enough to understand why he is utilizing them. He makes things very reproducible. - Matthew Hofer

🟢 This is the holy grail of knowledge, Ben knows his stuff. - Scott Warren

🟢 This course is a must to take for a professional analyst. - Ezekiel Ogundepo

🟢 A great course, with very clear explanations, and very useful examples. - Massimo

🟢 A great course to learn more about the Query function that is applicable to all levels of users. - Justin Birckbichler

🟢 Learning the underlying operations of how to think about and present data in a clear, specific, and customized manner. - Andrew

🟢 An eye-opening course that really gets you thinking. You are bound to learn something you can use in your daily work. - Gary Miller

🟢 A must-have course if you need formula-based solutions formerly requiring scripts to solve. - E Volkman

🟢 A great course based on clear and practical explanations. - Mauricio Sanchez

🟢 Best course to dig deep into advanced Google Sheets formulas. - David Hermann

🟢 You will get a great foundation starting with the basics and up to special and tricky stuff. Always explained very well, step-by-step, where needed with references to previous lessons. And the examples are from real life, so it's easy to imagine how you could use at work what you're learning. - Etienne Besson

🟢 Nice, short videos with detailed explanations and opportunities to practice. - Deb Filar

🟢 It is a course to gain more knowledge, the onion method for nesting formulas is excellent, it is worth the time, you will grab more tricks from this course. - Luzardo Lopez